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 We are incredibly happy with Briarfair Boojum!(Ruby Tuesday) Thank you VERY much! 
She is a a huge mover, her conformation is extremely correct, and her head and neck are beautiful. She will make a perfect 
upper level dressage pony. We are always slightly nervous about buying a young pony sight-unseen, but she was 10 times 
better than we ever expected! Best of all, she has a fantastic disposition. She is well socialized, has great ground manners, 
ties well, stands for the farrier, and LOVES people. I highly recommend purchasing from Briarfair Farm.

 Jack has been with us now for ten months and continues to be center
of attention in our small herd. He is so much fun to have around - I wish
I'd gotten a picture the other day when he was cantering around, holding
his feed pan in his mouth like a dog with its bowl - it was hilarious. He
has such an endearing personality that even the grumpiest of my horses
have accepted him - and I'm constantly amazed at what he can get
away with.

He just turned two a couple of weeks ago, but is steady and easy to
handle (youthful exuberance not withstanding <grin>). He takes everything
in his stride without fear: where my "experienced" arabian sometimes still
fusses at getting in the trailer, Jack just hops in without any worries - despite
his inexperience. He'll sometimes manage to get tangled up in his lead
rope and hog-tie himself, but instead of panicking, he'll stand there looking
slightly annoyed that he can't move his legs and wait for me to get him

Having loved riding welsh ponies when I was young, I'd thought with regret
that I'd gotten too big to ride them as an adult. Having visited Irene's farm and
watched Bristol Encore in the flesh, I was encouraged by his substance and
bone - there's nothing wimpy about that "little" guy. Thanks to Irene's choice
of Bristol ponies - emphasizing a pony that can be *used* rather than be purely
ornamental - Jack and I should have a long and healthy career together.

Jack's grown a couple of inches in the last six months and now stands at
right around 12 hh. He's a little butt-high right now, so I'm guessing he's
still got plenty of sprouting left to do.

I constantly stand and watch him, admiring his build and his sturdy legs
and can't wait for him to get old enough to start riding - he's going to be
so much fun. I'm hoping to do some endurance riding with him, since I
think he'll be perfectly suited to climbing our rocky canyons.

Irene's belief in "quality not quantity" has paid off in spades - when I go
out in the morning, Jack's little face will be the one peering out at me -
and apparently he thinks I can't perform any simple chore in the paddock
without his help.

The lady who reminded me of my love of ponies and encouraged me to
search for what I wanted, told me she got her ponies from one of the larger
breeders and they were essentially wild, having hardly been handled . She
had a lot of work ahead of her. I compare that to Jack who I'll often sit next
to in the evening when he's curled up on the ground to give him scratches.

Thanks again, Irene, for making my pony dream a reality.


My experience with Irene Harvey and Briar Farm was very professional and rewarding. In 2003 I brought my pony, GumDrop, to Briar farms in an effort to breed to Bristol Encore. I was given a tour and found the facility very clean and well managed. All the ponies there were happy and in good health. I was shown Bristol Encore and he was even more stunning in person. All the while GumDrop was at the farm, I was well informed as to the progress of her care and breeding. Irene even trailered her to the clinic for ultra sounds to save on my expenses. In 2004, GumDrop gave birth to a beautiful little colt. He has perfect confirmation, and has the best temperament. I recommend Briar Farms to anyone interested in breeding ponies. Bristol Encore is a quality Stud and produces the same.
Carrie Orcutt
Los Lagos Equestrian, Inc.
Granite Bay, CA

We purchased a 2005 filly from Briarfair Farms just before Christmas to be a gift to my grandchildren. The pony was vetted and shipped with professional care from Briarfair Farms and she arrived in very fine fettle. The pony was gentle, easy to handle and has been a great addition to our ranch. She is our first pony. She trims, leads, hauls and loves children.
It shows that a lot of time had been spent with her for her to be so manageable. Additionally she had in impeccable pedigree and we hope to find a couple more ponies as the children grow up. We have bred Arabian Horses and Saddlebreds since 1967 but I really like the size and disposition of this beautiful Welsh pony and just barely can wait to see the grandchildren riding her. I would highly recommend Irene Harvey and Briarfair Farms.
Carolyn Crighton Fricke

" husband and I decided to bite the bullet and start looking into finding a horse for out daughter. We had heard so many horror stories on how careful we needed to be when looking for a horse, we were almost afraid to start our search. I began doing some research on different breeds and fell in love with the Welsh pony. I began searching for breeders in Northern California and came across Irene's website Irene's knowledge, enthusiasm and love of her ponies truly came through on her website, so my husband, daughter and I took a drive one Sunday to take a look at the ponies she had for sale. We were really impressed with how her ponies just wanted to be near us. My daughter ended up only having eyes for one named Cody, she talked about him incessantly for weeks until we relented and bought him for her as a surprise for Christmas. I would never hesitate in recommending Irene and her beautiful ponies to anyone. She has supported us every step of the way on our horse finding journey. We will always be grateful for her very professional guidance.

Thanks Irene,

The Carpenter Family
Emily, Steve, Pam & Cody



Irene, I just want to say how happy we are with Fannie. She is prettier than you described and has the best temperament ever. My 4 year old daughter loves her to death and thank goodness Fannie loves kids and having babies of her own as well. She is the total package. You were so easy to do business with and I really appreciate your honesty. We will certainly keep in touch.




PS. I adore Encore!


Tinker Boyd

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